Crazy Eight (Astavakrasana) Yoga Pose

It’s so secret, I’m a fan of arm balances. If you come to my arms & abs yoga class, you know this. This week we played with the crazy eight pose, also known as eight-angle pose or Astavakrasana – it’s the perfect mix of both arms and abs. There’s a few ways to get into this bendy strong pose, below is the way that I’ve found to be easiest in my body. The strength to lift your legs comes from your core and squeezing the crap out of your arm with both legs.

  1. Find boat pose (Navasana), extending your legs straight with the length of your mat.
  2. Weave your right arm in between your legs, wrapping your thighs around your tricep. At this point, your hips are still planted on the ground. Cross your left ankle over your right ankle. The correct crossing of the ankles will assist in lifting your legs off the ground. You want your top leg to be the bottom foot, using it as leverage to lift your other leg.
  3. Set your right hand down to the left and a little in front of your left hip. Set your left hand down shoulder width distance apart from your right hand. Spread your fingers wide, giving your wrist as much support by providing surface area to balance on. Ensure both middle fingers are pointing perpendicular to the edge of your mat.
  4. Lower your chest slightly, bending at your elbows into a low pushup formation. Ensure that your shoulders are not dipping below your elbows (this protects our shoulders from injury) and tuck your chin so you are looking directly down at your mat with a long spine.
  5. Squeeze your legs around your tricep, engage your core and lift your legs and hips off the mat. Flex your feet back towards your knees. Breathe slow steady inhales and exhales as your focus your drishti (gaze or vision focal point) on one spot on the floor.
  6. When you are ready to come out of the pose, gently set your hips and legs back on the mat and unwind your arms and legs.
  7. A seated forward fold and threading the needle are great tools to assist in recovery after crazy eight.

Crazy Eight Yoga Pose

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